Dr. Robin Szmidt repreesented the Remin forum at Biocycle REFOR 2017 in Portland Oregon.  In addition to various presentations on compost, soils and organics, the trip included a tour of the Mount St. Helens volcanic area to witness first hand the effect of volcanic dusts on the environment and to see the totally un-managed natural regeneration of the landscape in this unique National Park.

Information exchange and presentations are summarised as follows:

2017 : ORG - REA national conference

2016: ORG - REA national conference and Scottish conference.  One-day ORG - REA event, Reading.  RWM @ NEC Birmingham.  Biocycle @ San Diego.

2015 : RWM @ NEC Birmingham.          III International Symposium on Organic Matter Management and Compost Use in Horticulture (Murcia, Spain)


Dr. Robin Szmidt presented a paper at Biocycle REFOR15 in Boston 19 - 22 October 2015 including work on integrated systems for soils management in the East of England.


 NEW PUBLICATION : R.A.K. Szmidt, L. Baird and F.E. Szmidt (2016), Use of Rockdust Amended Compost in Land Restoration. Acta Horticultrae 1146 (183 - 190).

You can download this via the following link:

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If you are attending the Biocycle West Coast conference 13 - 16th April 2015 in Portland, OR, then why not make a point to talk to Dr. Robin Szmidt, SRF coordinator who will be in attendance for the whole event as well as speaking on Wednesday 15th?

SRF will be attending the Scottish Soils conference organised by the Scottish Organic forum at Stirling Mart on 10th March 2015.  Why not come along and chat about the advantages of Soil Remineralization?   SRF will be there right allongside REMIN Scotland Ltd.

Are you going to be at the CIWM / REA meeting in Aberdeen, Scotland on 26th February?   If you are and you'd like to talk Rockdust and Soil Remineralization be sure t to engage with Dr. Robin Szmidt, SRF coordinator.

Rockdust and soil remineralisation was a topic raised during the BWAR conference in Hong Kong in early December 2014.    The primiary focus was Food Waste but the conference looked at this from many aspects of co-utilisation of resources and application and re-use of products.  Attended by Dr. Robin Szmidt of SRF the presentations are available to view at :

SRF @ RWM:   The Soil Remineralization Forum was represented at RWM waste management exhibition at the NEC Birmingham, UK, 16th - 18th September 2014 at Stand 4C04 hosted by Target Renewables on behalf of SRF.   A record number of visitors came to the stand to pick up our latest flyer about rockdust and soil remineralization and to ask questions about quarry wastes and use of rockdusts.    Get the latest up to date review of our field research 2015.