The Soil Remineralization Forum (SRF) is involved in research through:

  • Commissioned research at a technical laboratory-scale and on a field-scale
  • Co-funding of rockdust and soil remineralization research within larger projects
  • Keeping up to date with published research into soil remineralization and use of rockdusts
  • Publication of research findings in appropriate peer-reviewed journals
  • Dissemination of validated information through meetings and publication of popular articles
In 2017 we are reviewing our recent work and will be refreshing our publications and reference lists.  SRF recently attended the Biocycle West Coast Conference and presented findings at the III International Symposium on Organic Matter Management and Compost Use in Horticulture, held in Murcia (Spain) in April 2015.  SRF also presented information at the UK Soil Association workshop meeting in Spring 2015 - 17 and various other national and international events which are variously noted on the NEWS page. 

The banner image is of our research plots in Irvine, Scotland.   Variation between plots reflects the various treatments each has received.  Research has been recently published in Acta Horticulturae and a detailed report describing our research is also available to download here

Via the same link you can also download a useful early review about Rockdust.  Although first published in 2004 it remains a key resource in the field.

Image description

For further information about our research and related information please contact SRF as indicated on our CONTACT PAGE