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PUBLICATION : R.A.K. Szmidt, L. Baird and F.E. Szmidt (2016), Use of Rockdust Amended Compost in Land Restoration. Acta Horticultrae 1146 (183 - 190).

You can download this via the following link:   http://www.actahort.org/books/1146/1146_25.htm

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Szmidt & Ferguson 2004
Factsheet about general issues of quarrying and rockdust use, updated 2014
A searchable list of validated references about rockdusts and soil remineralization. Please note that this item is due for updating in 2015.
This document reports SRF and WRAP-funded research into use of compost and rockdust separately and as co-utilization blends for landscaping and restoration of two sites (quarry and landfill). Some data within the report was first published by WRAP in 2010 (no longer available) and this version shows final results of site assessments in 2014/15.

Campbell, Nicola S. (2009) The use of rockdust and composted materials as soil fertility amendments. PhD thesis. University of Glasgow.

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